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Surgery is the main treatment for neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). For some NETs, it is the only treatment you need.

Types of surgery

The type of surgery you have depends on a number of things including where the tumour is. Find out about the different types of surgery you might have. 

Preparing for surgery

You have an appointment at the pre assessment clinic 1 or 2 weeks before your operation. Find out what happens and the tests you might have.

Going into hospital

What you need to take in with you, what to expect and how to prepare to make it less stressful.

On the day

On the day of your surgery, you usually have a general anaesthetic and may have a drip of a drug called octreotide. 

After surgery

Find out what happens immediately after and the first few days after surgery for a NET.

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23 May 2019
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