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Carcinoid syndrome

Carcinoid syndrome is a group of symptoms that some people get when they have a neuroendocrine tumour (NET). Symptoms include flushing of the skin and diarrhoea. The symptoms happen when the NET makes large amounts of hormones.

Not everyone with a NET develops carcinoid syndrome. It is more common in people with a NET that started in the small bowel. 

NETs that start in the pancreas can cause other types of syndromes. You can read about the other types of syndromes in the symptoms pages of the pancreatic NET section.

What is carcinoid syndrome

Find out what carcinoid syndrome is, who is at risk of having it, its symptoms and the treatments you might have.

Complications of carcinoid syndrome

People with carcinoid syndrome may develop other complications such as carcinoid heart disease and carcinoid crisis.

Coping with carcinoid syndrome

Practical and emotional support to help you cope with the symptoms and complications of carcinoid syndrome.

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14 May 2019
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