Treatment for children’s brain tumours

The main treatments for children’s brain and spinal cord tumours are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

As well as these treatment types, steroids have an important role in helping to treat brain tumours. We talk about living with steroid treatment in on the recovering after brain surgery page.

Decisions about treatment for children’s brain tumours

Your child’s multidisciplinary team work together to plan, deliver and support your child’s care. Find out how decisions about treatment are made.

Brain surgery for children

Surgery is a common treatment for a brain tumour. A team of experts will care for your child before, during and after surgery.

After children’s brain surgery

Find out about what is likely to happen during first few days after surgery.

Recovering after children’s brain surgery

Recovering from brain surgery can take some time, both in hospital and at home.

Radiotherapy and proton beam treatment for children’s brain tumours

Radiotherapy is a common treatment for children’s brain tumours. Find out what happens before, during and after radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy for children’s brain tumours

Chemotherapy uses anti cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy can work well for some types of brain tumour.

If your child’s brain tumour comes back

Get information on possible treatment options if your child’s brain tumour comes back.

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13 Mar 2019
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