Worried about cancer

Find information about how cancer starts, the signs and symptoms and waiting times for cancer treatment. 

For information about the symptoms and treatments for a particular type of cancer, go to our A-Z list of cancer types. You can then choose the cancer type you want to find out more about. 

Signs and symptoms of cancer

Find out about key symptoms to be aware of. Get checked out by your doctor if you notice anything abnormal for you.

What is cancer?

Cancer happens when cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Find out about different types and how they start and grow.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is an infectious illness caused by a type of coronavirus. Some people with cancer are at a higher risk of complications because they have a weakened immune system.

Cancer waiting times

There are waiting time targets for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the different UK nations.

Your urgent suspected cancer referral

Your GP has arranged for you to see a hospital doctor (specialist) urgently to investigate your symptoms further.
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