Surgery for womb cancer

Most women with womb cancer have surgery to remove the womb. The operation you have depends on how far the cancer has grown. For advanced womb cancer, your doctor will only recommend surgery if they think it will help control the cancer and help you feel better. 

Types of surgery for womb cancer

The main operation for womb cancer is surgery to remove your womb and cervix. This is called a simple or total hysterectomy. Your doctor may also recommend removing your fallopian tubes and ovaries.   

Before your operation for womb cancer

Before your operation, you have tests to check your fitness and you meet members of your treatment team

On the day of womb cancer surgery

You have a general anaesthetic so you can't feel anything during the operation. This sends you into a deep sleep. 

After surgery for womb cancer

It can take up to a few months to fully recover after your operation. You will need to spend a few days in the hospital and then a few weeks recovering at home.

Problems after womb cancer surgery

Possible problems after womb cancer surgery include bladder or bowel problems or swelling called lymphoedema in one or both legs or lower tummy. Other risks include infection, blood clots and bleeding.

Last reviewed: 
29 Feb 2024
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01 Mar 2027