Treatment for advanced womb cancer

Treatment for advanced womb cancer aims to control symptoms for as long as possible.

Treatment options for advanced womb cancer

Deciding about treatment can be difficult when you have advanced cancer. Treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy can help to reduce symptoms and might make you feel better. But they also have side effects.

Chemotherapy for advanced womb cancer

Find out about chemotherapy for advanced womb cancer and how you have it.

Surgery to relieve symptoms of advanced womb cancer

Not everyone with advanced womb cancer can have surgery. Your doctor will only recommend surgery if they think that you are fit enough to make a good recovery afterwards. Find out more

Controlling symptoms

Unfortunately advanced womb cancer can't usually be cured but there are a number of ways to control symptoms.

Hormone therapy

Hormones are substances that occur naturally in the body. They control the growth and activity of our cells. You might have hormone therapy for advanced womb cancer.

Last reviewed: 
07 Feb 2022
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10 Feb 2024
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