Treatment for myeloma

Your treatment depends on several factors. These include your symptoms and your general health. 

The main treatments for myeloma include targeted cancer drugs, chemotherapy and steroids. You may also have treatment to reduce the symptoms and help you feel better. A team of doctors and other professionals discuss the best treatment and care for you.

Treatment options for myeloma

The main treatments for myeloma are chemotherapy, steroids and targeted cancer drugs. You usually have a combination of treatments. 

First treatment for myeloma

The first treatment for myeloma is likely to be a combination of chemotherapy, targeted cancer drugs and steroids.

Treatment when myeloma comes back (relapses)

When myeloma comes back it is called a relapse. You will need to have more treatment. There are different treatment options.

Stem cell transplant for myeloma

A stem cell transplant allows you to have high doses of chemotherapy, which damages your bone marrow cells. After the chemotherapy, you have new stem cells into your bloodstream through a drip.

Radiotherapy for myeloma

Myeloma can damage areas of bone, weakening them and it can cause pain. Radiotherapy can help to reduce pain and slow down the bone damage. 

Treating and preventing problems caused by myeloma

Myeloma can affect you in different ways. There are supportive treatments to help prevent, control or reduce the symptoms of myeloma.

Follow up

You usually have follow up appointments every few months to check how you are and see whether you have any problems or worries. The appointments also give you the chance to raise any concerns.

Last reviewed: 
14 Nov 2023
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14 Nov 2026