Making plans before you die

In the last few weeks you might have questions about what will happen. You may also want to make decisions about your needs before you die and afterwards.

Difficult questions when you are dying

You might have difficult questions that you want to ask when you know you only have a short time left to live.

Care planning

People with terminal cancer can make decisions about their future care. They can also choose a person who could make decisions on their behalf.

Choosing where to die

Choosing where you would like to die is an important decision. It can help to know what your options are and to discuss it with your doctors and family.

Deciding to refuse treatment

Towards the end of life you might want to make some decisions about your care, including any instructions for refusing treatment.

Leaving behind important memories

You might want to leave behind some memories for the people you love. Some people also decide to deal with any unfinished business.

Your religious and spiritual needs at the end of life

Not everyone is religious or has a spiritual practice. But some people discover this side of themselves when they are close to death.

Practical issues before you die

There are practical issues to think about when you know you are dying. These might include your will, your finances and the type of funeral you want.

Donating your body or organs

Some people want to donate their organs or body parts for transplants. Others want their bodies to be used for research. 

Last reviewed: 
25 Mar 2022
Next review due: 
25 Mar 2025
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