Cancer drugs A to Z list

FInd information about individual cancer drugs, cancer drug combinations, and their side effects.

How you have cancer drugs

Cancer drugs are given in different ways. Read about how you might have your cancer drugs, for how long and how to take medicines safely.

Side effects of cancer drugs

Cancer drugs have side effects and these can vary from person to person. Read about the different side effects and how best to cope.

Flu vaccine and cancer treatment

Cancer or its treatment can lower your resistance to infection and make you more likely to catch flu. Find out more about the flu vaccine.

DPD deficiency

Having a DPD deficiency could make the side effects of the chemotherapy drugs fluorouracil and capecitabine worse. Find out what is DPD deficiency. 

Can aspirin stop my cancer spreading?

Find out about the research into aspirin and cancer, what you need to know and what researchers still need to find out.

Last reviewed: 
27 Jun 2017

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