Treatment for secondary breast cancer

Deciding about treatment can be difficult. Treatment can help to reduce symptoms, make you feel better, and sometimes can help you to live longer. Find out about the different types of treatment you might have when you might have them, and about possible side effects.

Treatment options for secondary breast cancer

Deciding about treatment can be difficult when you have advanced cancer. Treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy can help to reduce symptoms and might make you feel better.

Hormone therapy for secondary breast cancer

You may have hormone therapy to treat secondary breast cancer. It’s also known as endocrine therapy. It can be taken on its own or you may have it with other drug treatment.

Chemotherapy for secondary breast cancer

You might have chemotherapy to treat symptoms of secondary breast cancer.

Targeted and immunotherapy drugs for secondary breast cancer

Targeted cancer drugs work by targeting the differences in cancer cells that help them to grow and survive. Immunotherapy uses our immune system to attack the cancer.

Radiotherapy for secondary breast cancer

Radiotherapy uses high energy waves similar to x-rays to kill breast cancer cells.

Treating symptoms of secondary breast cancer

Your guide to treatment to control symptoms of secondary breast cancer.

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19 Apr 2021
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