Living with breast cancer

Getting practical, physical and emotional support can help you to cope with a diagnosis of breast cancer. It can also help you with life during and after treatment. This section includes information on:

  • coping with breast cancer
  • pregnancy and breast cancer
  • menopausal symptoms
  • lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment
  • life after breast cancer surgery
  • preserving your fertility

There is also a list of other breast cancer support organisations, useful websites, and resources that can help you cope with breast cancer and it's treatment. 

Coping and support when you have breast cancer

You may find it difficult coping with a diagnosis of breast cancer both practically and emotionally. Find out about the things you can do and who can help you cope.

Preserving fertility and breast cancer

Breast cancer treatment might affect your fertility. Find out how you might preserve your fertility if you’re having treatment.

Breast cancer and pregnancy

It's important to avoid pregnancy during and shortly after treatment for breast cancer. Find out about the importance of avoiding pregnancy during treatment, including your choices for birth control.

Breast cancer during pregnancy

Breast cancer during pregnancy is rare. Find out how your doctor diagnoses and treats it if you are pregnant and where you can get help and support.

Life after breast cancer surgery

You may find it difficult to adjust to changes after your breast cancer surgery. There is help and support available.

Breast cancer and menopausal symptoms

Some breast cancer treatments cause low levels of sex hormones that lead to an early menopause or menopausal symptoms. Find out how to manage the effects.

Lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment

About 1 in 5 women get lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment. Find out how you can lower your risk of getting it and things you can to to help manage it.

Breast cancer resources and support organisations

There are many organisations, support groups, books, videos and other resources to help you cope with breast cancer and its treatment. There is also information about mastectomy wear and prosthesis suppliers.

Breast cancer stories

Read stories from people diagnosed with breast cancer, about their treatment, how they coped during and after. 

Last reviewed: 
03 Aug 2023
Next review due: 
03 Aug 2026