What is bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer starts in the inner lining of the bladder. The bladder stores urine (wee) and is in the lower part of your tummy.

Symptoms of bladder cancer

The main symptom of bladder cancer is blood in your urine. 

Getting diagnosed with bladder cancer

You usually start by seeing your GP and they might refer you to a specialist and organise tests. 

Survival for bladder cancer

Survival depends on several factors including the stage and type of your bladder cancer.

Treatment for bladder cancer

Your treatment options depend on the stage, type and grade of your bladder cancer. Treatments include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Stages, types and grades of bladder cancer

The stage, type and grade of your cancer helps your doctor decide which treatment you need.

Metastatic bladder cancer

Metastatic bladder cancer means that a cancer that began in the bladder has spread to another part of the body. 

Research and clinical trials for bladder cancer

Researchers around the world are looking into the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer.

Living with bladder cancer

Get practical and emotional support to help you cope with a diagnosis of bladder cancer, and life during and after treatment.

Risks and causes of bladder cancer

Smoking tobacco is the biggest cause of bladder cancer in the UK. There are some other risk factors that can increase your risk.

Last reviewed: 
07 Sep 2022
Next review due: 
07 Sep 2025